Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Birthday Party

I had a wonderful birthday last week! I was able to catch up with a lot of family and friends. Thanks for your sweet words, texts and phone calls! I have the best family & friends, hands down.
Even though my birthday was last Sunday, we started celebrating ahead of time.
(1) Friday I went to my school mailbox and there was the sweetest package from Sean's momma and dad. Thanks Sherie & Lloyd! Love you guys! (2) Thursday night my dad came through Salt Lake on the way back from LA and we went to Tepanyaki. So fun to have him here and he hand delivered super sicky tight gifts from my mom & dad that I loved. Yesss. (3) Hanging out at the hotel before din din. (4) Chocolate raspberry cake my dad picked up. (5) My favorite sister and brother in law. (6) My favorite dad.

Because Sean has to work Sundays, we celebrated together on Saturday. Oh, and here's a clue you've found yourself a winner: your boyfriend comes into your room the day before your birthday and says, "K, let's go do some birthday shopping."
And shopped, we did.
Poor guy. He's the best sport. I kept asking if he was bored. He said he wasn't. Heart him bunches.

Sunday he works double shifts and dropped by my house on both his breaks. He brought me birthday flowers.
They are still alive and thriving. I asked him tonight if he has any eternal water I can poor in the vase because they are the happiest flowers and I want them to live forever.

Anyways, I'm a big fan of bdays. This one was especially happy and perfect.


  1. I really thought I had commented on this one. So glad you had a great birthday and the flowers are amazing, so pretty! Happy your Dad got to go see you all over your birthday! He is a sweet Dad, that's for sure! We are excited for your visit here! XXXOOO!!!

  2. That night was so fun! & Golly Sean just keeps outdoing himself, those flowers are gorgeous!



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