Thursday, February 07, 2013

4 Thursday Night

Pizza Maker People
Growing up, my family had a tradition to make heart shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day and my mom would make the dough and buy all the toppings we could ever want to put on them. We would make our own and you felt cool because when you come from a family with lots of kids you just want something that's all your own.

Side note: Making a heart out of dough is in the top 5 hardest things to do in the entire world.

Sean and I went to Wes and Rach's tonight to continue the tradition. It was fummy (fun + yummy ----> I just made that up right now). Then we talked about how ducks mate because I was always confused on that one and how my sister tried to set me up with some guy who had a "girlfriend" but he was actually lying to get out of it and then everyone else talked about medicine and pills and diseases because they're all in the medical world and I'm just over here teaching the rock cycle.

I feel like all Thursday nights should be like this one.


  1. i remember that was your family tradition for valentine's day because you made heart shaped pizza one year for all your fave roomies in HP!

    and as you know, sam is so happy you're teaching your little scientist so keep at that rock cycle girlfriend.

  2. Yes! GOod times! I have a feeling we should make Shamrock pizza for St. Patty's Day. A little excessive??

  3. Danielle, thanks for the laugh today! Hilarious! I'm afraid, I'd be right there with you but I am so glad there are people like you in the world and people like them who want to "cure" the world. You and I just want to "cure" in a different way! Love you, Sweetheart!

  4. hahahah I love this. & I loved the heart shaped pizzas that ended up being very special. Let's do this again. but shoot for octagons. Now there's a challenge.



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