Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 iPhone Dump

Life is pretty great over here in P-Town!
After Christmas I got sick. Then most of my class got sick (with stomach flu, strep AND this terrible lingering cold). One day I had 11 kids absent. It's been a real pain in my hiney because we've also had a TON of district testing that half my kids haven't even been at school for. I'm pretty happy about getting past the sickness of January. On top of that we've had inside recess for weeks and everyone is going crazy. My poor kids. Doesn't sound like a big deal but they have really struggled focusing this month. I'm trying to give them little breaks here and there but it's just hard to sit still all day when you're 9. I usually end the day with a little headache but I've been practicing a lot of patience and have tried hard to stay really positive. They really are such an awesome class and they make me smile everyday.

Here are some of my latest instagrams starting with the most recent.
(1) Sean and I got Korean food for dinner with his cousin. I thought I'd be eating live octopus but he was kind when he ordered for me. It was good. The next night we had sushi. The next day we had mexican. We are cultured. (2) Babysitting Elle. We love her! (3) My newest print (4) I was sick and Fluttershy wished me to get better (5) The kids woke up Boots to play with him during indoor recess. We've been making up things to do since we've had so much time indoors. This last week they planned a whole wedding for him. (6) Back to school (7) Shopping at Anthro with Mal (8) Downtown Franklin during Christmas. My heart! (9) Momma playing Ticket to Ride while we were all home. Such a fun game!

Oh, life is just good. I'm a happy girl.


  1. LOVE that print! Did you make it, or purchase it somewhere? You always have the cutest things :)

  2. Thank you! Yes, I made it. If you'd like a copy I can email you the jpeg file!

  3. Wonderful! My grandma used to say that, and I love it.

    I came across your blog a while back, and I just love everything about it. You're too cute, and your wardrobe is to die for!

    Sincerely, your random AZ follower :)



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