Sunday, December 23, 2012

0 Christmas in the Classroom

There are a few things I do every year in my classroom to get us all prepared for Christmas.
The first one is my favorite! A couple of years ago I was in my first year of teaching and my kids were being absolutely crazy right before the holidays. I was racking my brain thinking what I could do in order to help them behave. I honestly think this was inspired because one night it totally hit me! I decided to sponsor a couple kids for Sub for Santa and they would earn points (each point worth a quarter) for their good behavior. Each child sponsored costs around $100.
Well, they did it again this year, folks! My kids love this tradition and I can't think of a better way to kick off the season after Thanksgiving break. Sean is the best and totally helped me shop this year and we were able to deliver gifts to the sweetest family. Warms my heart.

I like to do a ton of crafts to go along with their writing around this time. We all know that glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. Right now it is literally on all my clothes, in my shower, in my car, etc. But it's whatevs.

Then we go up to Sundance to go skiing. This was probably the greatest group I've ever taken up. Didn't even have one kid cry and Sean came up to help me strap on boots! We had the best day!

Oh, and this was our playground right before I left for Christmas break? Serious right now? Now that I don't have to trudge through the snow everyday on my way to class I can totally appreciate it. 

There is nothing better than spending the month of December with a bunch of kids! (I  will say though, most of them are pretty overstimulated and there tends to be exponentially more tears this month and they are wayyy more hyper and some days I want to jump off a cliff after work and.......) However, they bring the Christmas spirit right out! It was a fun and busy month! So glad it's over.....

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