Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 Cheetah Christmas

Last night was the annual Cheetah gift exchange.
I love my Cheetahs, even though there are only SEVEN left in Provo. By April, there will only be THREE. We are really sad.
See? Sad.

I decided to do coasters as part of my gift. I got some cork and a white paint pen and went at it. Sean was over while I was at work and decided to help me. They're now reversable coasters-
My side:

Sean's side:

Sean: I hope JD gets your gift.
(Sidenote: JD is married to Ashley. The other night at the Clifford's Christmas party, Sean got JD's gift, a machete, and was elated.)
Me: Well.... it's just going to be the girls. JD won't be there.
Sean: I just hope Ashley gets your gift.
Me: Why?
Sean: So Ash can give it to JD since he got me the machete.

Like JD bought the white elephant gift with Sean in mind. HAH!
Well, guess who snagged my gift? Happy Ash. Happy Sean..... JD got his coasters.

Fun friends! Fun night!



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