Saturday, October 06, 2012

2 And One More Thing...

Even though this looks like one of those, "I'm now 8 weeks pregnant!" pictures, it's not. I'm 0 weeks pregnant. I've got nothing. Although I could slow down on the frozen yogurt consumption as of late.
As it turns out, I'm a huge sleep snob which is weird considering that my sister somehow managed to come into my bedroom and crawl in bed with me everynight all throughout middle school and high school and sleeping with her is like sleeping with a windmill.
Referring to my recent whiny post, I've just discovered something else that bugs me. Out of no where, my left pant leg decides to be completely hiked up my leg, wedgie status, when i wake up in the morning. It starts to creep it's way up about 2 hours before my alarm goes off and I feel so tired and annoyed and wedgied that I don't even want to fix it.
Not that I'm comparing my problem with world hunger or child poverty, I'm just saying it's annoying.
Solution: It's now October and a very appropriate time to pull out the glow in the dark dinosaur onesie aka no bunching issues. RAWR.


  1. Oh, puh-leeeeassssse! Yeah, that's a pregnant looking tummy. You're back to the annoying skinny girl comments now.



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