Saturday, September 29, 2012

2 Things That Bug

I once asked my little brother, who's a pretty laid back kid, "Spencie, do you have any pet peeves?" and he said, "Yes, idiots and anything that results from idiots being idiotic." I SO agree. However, I will only talk about one thing that kind of bugs me involving people because really, there is more than one but it could get kind of dicey.

In no particular order, my pet peeves. Sit back and relax.

1. People who portray perfect lives on their blogs (this is the one about real people. If you do this one and/or there's a possibility you'll be offended, please skip to #2).
No, actually you don't eat braised lamb shanks with chanterelle-sasuage crust everynight for dinner and bring it out in a picnic basket at the park to enjoy with your husband, you just blog about it when you do. But if you do eat that for dinner everynight, I want to Freaky Friday swap our lives because you're totally weird/amazing. I eat brocolli and popcorn for dinner and that's only if I'm still awake by then.
(I beg of you to refer to Rebbie's blog post. She says it all so well.)

2. When you're walking past a door and your jean pocket gets hooked on the handle.
Anyone who is 5'7 knows what I'm talking about.

3. When your neighbors' wireless internet is called "Santa's Panties."
I can't decide if this bugs me or makes me feel uncomfortable and triple check that my door is locked each night.

4. When you're walking across your high school lawn, the sprinklers go off, your brown paper lunch bag gets wet and your whole lunch falls out the bottom of it.
This only happened once, but it was annoying enough that I'll never forget it.

5. When the kids have to pee right after you snap on their ski boots (so this one's also about people, but they don't count yet because they can't even vote or buy something from an infomercial).
I snap on 60 separate little ski boots on our Sundance field trip and then 5 of them have to pee immediately afterwards even when I made all 30 of them use the bathroom right before. Nope, it won't be allowed this year. Yellow snow.

Okay, so actually that's all I really have.
Hmm I thought it would be a much longer list than this.
Either A) I'm Mother Teresa and only have 5 pet peeves in all the world or B) All my pet peeves involve people.


  1. HAHAHAhahahaha. This and that post you linked to are perfect. Only a teacher can say they snapped on 60 ski boots to children in one day.

  2. Hey cutie!!
    Come to a blog party in Provo next week!
    Read my blog to find out :)
    hope all is well.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream



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