Monday, September 17, 2012

3 Sicky Girl

Today, I am sick. You can tell that I'm sick, because I look a whole lot like this:

It's super dumb.

A couple days ago I got a text from a fellow teacher. Said something like, "Oh yeah I'm so sick, I can't even move, I'm so achy, I hope you don't catch it, I won't be there Monday."
"HAH!" I thought, "I never get sick because I take Vitamin C gummies everyday, and I take like 15 because they're so delicious even though you're only supposed to take 2, but you can't OD on Vitamin C so I take more than the recommended serving size so I won't get sick! HAH!" (I mostly think in run-on sentences.)

Eh em, this morning I woke up with a very yucky throat.
By noon, I felt like the biggest poo head.
I told my kids, "You know what guys? I'm not feeling so hot. I think I'm going to go home, chill in my bed and sleep while you guys work your little 9 year old tails off." Then they all dramatically begged me to not leave them and flopped out of their chairs because I'm their favorite teacher of all time and they haaaaate subs (except, after 3 years, I'm starting to catch on that kids tell their teacher that every year, so I'm not as cool as I once thought I was).

I've also learned, when you feel it coming on, GO HOME. It'll be worse if you try to fight it. Even though I'd rather lick Walmart floors than make sub plans, I left after taking them to PE.

Good news minute- I'm thinking this sickness is not fatal.
Also, I've been able to catch up on important things like Pinteresting. I even discovered I had pinned these cookies 3 seperate times which is super chubby and embarrassing of me.
Maybe I should just be proactive about whipping those bad boys out. When I'm feeling more like myself, of course.

Bad news minute- Ramen Noodles are almost 400 calories per package!! WHAT?? Outraged.

Now, where's my husband to nurse me back to health and bring me some hot, less than 400 calorie per serving soup? Oh wait.......


  1. Don't be messing with my head like that! ps- I'm already better I think... bahah drama queen.

  2. feel better!!!!

    And I am making these comments only because i just realized I could with out a blog account....Booo yaaaa. will be making more in the future



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