Friday, May 04, 2012

1 Movie Help

Especially May the 4th because I've been looking forward to saying, "May the fourth be with you" to my kids, all week. I would say 78% of them got it. Not all of us can be Trekies..... No, but seriously, I know nothing about Star Wars/Star Trek, (obviously).

I take 100% advantage of Fridays. Right now, por ejemplo:
(Phone and hoodie.)

After I got home tonight I had a serious desire to watch Anne of Green Gables and my roommate has pinkeye so I needed to entertain her and make her happy with old Canadian films. Where's my Grandmother's insane movie collection when I need it??
I swear I called 50 different stores. Several of the convos went something like this:
"Ugh, hi. I need your help. I really want to watch Anne of Green Gables tonight. Please tell me you have it."
"Hmm... let me check.................. Could it be called anything else?"
"Oh yeah! We have it, but we're out of stock, so you'd have to order it."
"K. So you don't have it?"

Clue #1: If you "have it" but you're out of stock, don't mess with my head.
Clue #2: Always keep a few extra copies of Anne of Green Gables on hand at your store in case of emergency. Please and thank you.

I had two moviestar childhood crushes: Gilbert Blythe and Simba. One was nowhere to be found and I wasn't exactly in the mood to watch a cartoon lion after my extensive and disappointing search. Sometimes my life is really hard, guys.

Maybe I'll just watch Star Wars since clearly I've got some learning to do.

May the fourth be with you.

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  1. hahahahahha OH MY GOSH, DEEJ! I have been on the lookout for it! Not in a desperate, need to call every store way. But Weston has never seen it & I have been craving it* so bad lately. Ah, AofGG where art thou?

    *it being the entire series.



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