Sunday, April 22, 2012

0 Save the Celebs

The other day we were discussing fossilization in my class and the different ways this can occur.
We then got to preservation.

I asked the kids if they want to preserve me because I'm so awesome and there won't ever be another me and they just sort of stared back and smiled pleasantly. Not the response I was looking for.

One of my kids raises his hand to share some background knowledge.
"Yeah, did you know they freeze celebrities because celebrities are really important and useful and we don't want to lose them?"

(Ahh, a non renewable resource. I like it. SAVE SNOOKI.)

Hmmmmmmm. I learn something new everyday.

BUT, if this were true, I would freeze Zac Efron because he IS very important and very useful.

And if the freezer people came to me and said, "Now Dani, choose wisely because we are giving you the power and great responsibility to preserve only ONE more celeb in addition to Zac. Who's it going to be?"
Hands down Justin Bieber.

I would not choose to save Vanessa Hudgens or Selena Gomez. Because I hate them both.

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