Wednesday, April 04, 2012

2 California

I pre-breaked my spring break with a trip to California beginning on Friday!
Awwww yeaaahhh.
The purpose of the trip was to attend a conference held in San Diego but I escaped a tid bit early to party it up.

Started the weekend off in Huntington Beach. Picture perfect.
We did a lot of General Conferencing and took breaks in between sessions for important things like bike rides and breakfast at The Sugar Shack and pier walks.
JOHNNY BOY! Cruising like a boss.
On one side of the pier was the National Professional Paintball League.... oh, didn't know there was one...
The NPPL brought out quite the group of fans.
Including this chico (so eager, nose in net).
And on the other side, just some leisurely games of beach volleyball.
On Sunday I headed down to San Diego for a school conference pertaining to all things RTI and PLC's. This is my second Solution Tree conference this year and I LOVE them. Words cannot express my intense passion and love for RTI and PLC's. And I'm being dead serious. I teared up twice throughout the conference and I think I'm safe in saying that not one other person did.
Words also cannot express my intense passion and love for free pens and books. I stole 5 pens while I was there.... oops.
The rest of the trip was hanging out with my cool Westridge Elementary people In downtown San Diego and Coronado Island. I love my cool Westridge people which is most fortunate.

Here's to 1.5 days until spring break! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


  1. oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! Love these pictures! & John looks like cousin it in all these pictures...the allusive John.... He has a back, he has an ear....but does he have a face?

  2. This was such a fun read, Danielle! I always just love to read about what you are doing and particularly love the way you phrase even ordinary events! You have a knack, shall we say, with words. Did you post your bunny bark on the cooking blog? Guess I need to check it out, huh. Love you so very much and appreciated you trying to reach me on Easter Sunday! I ended up talking to Julie and Stephanie and family and no time to call back. Tonight out again after working all day long. Can you believe your ole Granny is still going strong! Hopefully, we can talk again soon. Tomorrow night another activity. Love you, Danielle!



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