Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Fam Visit

Remember how I said I've been extra loser-ish about taking pictures lately? This weekend was no exception.
All the family was in town besides Punky. We had some good times that I have almost zero evidence of on my camera.
And some sleepy/cuddle times.
Another special moment we shared is when my cousins' dog scratched me in the face. The conversation went something like this.
Dani: "What the heck??!! Roxy Red Pepper just scratched me in the face!!"
Spencer: "Well maybe it's because you have her hog tied......."
Hmm. Yes. This makes sense.

Wes, Spence and I all have birthdays within two weeks of each other, so we even had a birthday bash celebrating 3 awesome people.
It's always a good sign when every one of your presents is wrapped in this fashion:
Awww, my MAM is the best.
That's what I call her:
(In all caps.)

Had a weekend filled with laughing and partying.
And then our parents abandoned us.
Boxcar children.
Marky Mark and Kar Bear, your kiddos miss you already! Come back!


  1. Fun times!!! Missed the snuggle pics somehow-and Roxie Red Pepper's attack too!

  2. Throughly enjoyed the description of your family time, Danielle. I sure missed being with all of you AGAIN!!! Each one so special and important to me! Thanks for the sweet write up and I appreciate it a lot! Love you, Girl!



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