Monday, February 06, 2012

2 Did You Know?

Conversation I overheard last week:
Kid Uno: If you swallow gum it gets stuck in your neck for 10 years.
Kid Dos: Ten!? In your neck??!
Kid Uno: Yeah, so if you swallowed gum when you were a day old, it'd still be in your neck.
Kid Dos: My sister has a lot of gum in her neck then....


One of my girls actually saw a ghost with a chain saw in her hallway last night! Another girl's praying mantis was pregnant and had EIGHTY babies in her bathtub! And one boy knocked down his entire old school when he accidentally leaned on a brick! They got mad at him, so now he's at our school, of course.

Can't wait to really dive in to narrative writing. With this bunch, heaven knows we'll have some creative material to work with........


  1. What a fun read, Danielle! Some imaginations your kids have but they simply cannot outdo you! You always have something interesting to say and your blog is a favorite of mine and so many, many others I am totally sure of! Love you and miss you!

  2. Don't kids say the cutest funniest things? Sometimes I wish I was a teacher to children instead of adults so that I could hear those sweet (?) innocent comments from their mouths.




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