Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 The Brother Contest

Spencer is developing a complex.
Chase miiiight be taller than him.
Oh no he didn't........
Punky wins?

Of course, even if it wasn't a height contest, Spencer is docked a few life points for making this horrifying face. I can say that because he even jumped a little out of fear when I showed it to him.

....AND Chasers was recruited to learn 180 pages of Grease sheet music for his high school play and nailed it.
Plus 100 points.

But wait! We went to my aunt's and discovered Spencer might actually be a real ninja with his Kinnect Fruit Ninja skills. Amazing.
Plus 797 points, because that was his score.......

This is so hard for me because I'm not into the "everyone's a winner" thing so we really do need to make a decision. I'm just glad it's not a contest of Dani vs. brothers because we'd all know who'd win that. Winky face.


  1. I'd go with Chasey Facey...he is more adorable... (Spence might find it strange if I called him adorable) ;)
    ALSO... I went to see Grease. CF didn't mess up (too bad.. Heehee)

  2. I LOVE this! Hahaha...we really need to do a re-measure on these guys! I know Weston's hoping to keep first place in the height department!



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