Saturday, November 26, 2011

2 T-Giving Moments

We love Pinterest in the Stolworthy casa.
Unfortunately, I haven't had time for much crafting since the school year began.
However, my lovely mother took note of some crafts Rooie & I have pinned and brought the supplies to Colorado.
Here's our first:
Just freehand your home state on a piece of painted wood, nail nails on the border and a heart around your hometown then weave twine back and forth. It's really simple and requires no brain power. That's my favorite kind of project lately :)

Rachel and Weston won't be home for Christmas this year which is extremely dumb, but we did get to see them open a few of their presents that my parents brought out. This was obviously my favorite wrapping, "To: Rachel, Love: J.B."
Oh, mom.

We have been playing a ton of games.
My mom created Christmas BINGO boards and bought prizes for winners.
We never play BINGO, but I walked in the room and she said, "Danielle, I just told Weston (our newish brother-in-law) that BINGO at Thanksgiving is a family tradition and he believed me, SUCKER!"
Someone calm this woman down.....
Saw Pass the Pigs at Target and bought it. Rach and I used to play this when we were little. Love those little oinkers.
The boys have been planning on playing Risk over Thanksgiving break for about 3 weeks. They are so intense about it. Last minute, my mom decided to join in. She kept commenting on how "pretty" the colors on the board were as the men were carefully strategizing their next move. Then, she won the whole game. BAHAH. The woman who could've cared less. The men weren't exactly thrilled with this outcome.

My family is quite funny. We are thinking about investing in a filter for my sister. The amount of slightly off-colored and undeniably hilarious comments that girl has made in the last 48 hours......... I've always said, "You can have secrets, or you can have a Rachel."

However, I have learned how she truly feels about my dating life. I told a story about a stalker boy and things he was texting/messaging/voicemailing me to try to convince my brother Spencer that he's not acting stalkerish to a certain lover girl.

Rachel: "Yeah and Spencer, here's the thing, Danielle's stories are huge extremes because the only boys ever interested in her are tools so don't even be worried, you're not a stalker."

She was dead serious.

Wow. Apparently it's time to revamp something in my life.


  1. Love your posts, your crafts, your stories and especially your humor! Keep on sharing and come see us!

  2. Love you! I would LOVE to hang out with the Jensens. Let's do it soon!



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