Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2 DIY Pennant Gift Tags

Here's yet another thing I can take zero creativity credit for since I found them on Pinterest, but this was another craft that my mom brought for us to work on in Colorado!
First, punch out your pennants.
Our tags were made out of standard size cardstock paper and cut into eighths. We used a corner punch to round out the corners of the tags.
(My mom and sister also made cupcake tags. Cute.)
Now for sewing cardstock... this was the stressful part. I really struggled at first, but guess what folks? It's the same thing as sewing fabric! Yep, turns out after 8 million tries I just threaded my bobbin wrong. The only key to this is don't sew over your adhesive because then your needle gets all gummy.
Put a little twine through the hole and voila!

*We used the Stampin Up! pennant punch, Stampin Up! cardstock and Snail adhesive for our project. All items you can buy through a Stampin Up! representative. If you don't know a representative, my mom's one and I can order you things through her :)


  1. Why are you so cute and crafty? Hmm?

  2. Your mom told me about these but the first time seeing it and these are way cute! I know you had fun making them!



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