Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 4th graders are magical.

Magic happens all of the time in my classroom.

Everyday someone tells me someone stole their favorite silly band/eraser/rock and it later appears in their zipped up coat pocket.
Everyday someone puts their homework in their backpack in the morning and by the time they get to school it's not there.
Everyday, table groups start at point A and by the end of the day are scooted 3 feet over to point B.
Magical (and annoying).
Every time there's a quiz in class, a child is suddenly ill, but when recess hits, you've never seen more hustle.
They've been healed.
It's absolutely magical.

Maybe, with all of this magic, my paycheck will magically increase or I'll magically like a boy I go on a date with or I'll wake up tomorrow morning and my laundry will magically be folded.

But let's not get too magical here.

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