Friday, October 28, 2011

2 This week.

Weird/Awesome things happen to me everyday.

Mondaywas the day I woke up in chocolate. BAHAH. No guys. This seriously happened. I don't know how, but it did. I felt something squishy under my butt and in my groggy state was all, "what the %&#*???" Nasty to the T. I decided if it even touched my Anthro bedding I was going to sue Dove Chocolates because they suck. It didn't. And now I wish I had taken a picture but at the time I thought it looked much too graphic. So use your imaginations and act like I didn't recreate the scene with Paint:

Tuesday I watched the Kardashians at the gym & laughed so freaking hard. Except they were awkward snort-stiffled laughs because I couldn't laugh out loud. Reminded me of the time I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition at the gym & boo hooed my eyes out. That was embarrassing too. I get into my t.v. guys, it's no big deal.

Wednesday I downloaded Youtube videos with my ONE BAR of INTERNET from 8pm-1am. I only needed 5 short clips for my lesson plan. 5 clips/5 hours, makes perfect sense. HOLY 1998 DIAL-UP INTERNET. Geeze Louise.

Thursday I discovered the extreme awesomeness of CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection. I was blessed & cursed with my dad's thick and fine hair. If I curl it, it goes straight within 5 minutes so take a picture fast because the clock's ticking. For the last few days, I've been using a little CHI spray. Today my hair stayed curled ALL DAY. This is a cause for celebration.
Wait for it, waaaait for it........
But I had to send a pic text to mom! I was SO PROUD! Hair still curled even @ 6pm. Where's that CHI guy? He needs a hug!
Friday I downloaded the Olympics Spirit Theme and the instrumental version of We Are the Champions for a little background music at the fourth grade's monthly award ceremony. Don't worry, the kids felt RIDICULOUSLY awkward accepting their "Memorized all my Times Tables Award" to such triumphant music. I didn't make them sing their National Anthem or anything though (I guess that probably would've been a little redundant).

That was my week. See? I don't live such a hum drum life! Exciting things like my hair staying curled for an entire day happen to me all the time.


  1. You just don't know the fun we got out of your picture of you with the curls! It was just choice, Danielle, and the commentary, too! Glad that things are going well for you--curls and all!

  2. skinny mini! Loved this week point. Your life is so thrilling. Mine is almost as exciting. Almost.



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