Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 All in a day's work!

Fall break is

It's only day one and I'm already feeling more on top of things.

Got to work out IN THE MORNING. Loved it so much, that I even got the crazy idea to start working out before school instead of after. PAH! We'll see how I feel about that when Monday rolls around.
Brought my sad winter coats to the dry cleaner.
Made gingersnaps & delivered them to people I love.
(Get the recipe here.)
Vacuumed the inside of my car
and washed the outside.
Started altering those skirts I've had since July.........
And I even made a real dinner. Like the kind that you have to wear an apron for and put in the oven.

So who wants to talk to Provo School District's superintendent with me and get a weekly fall break sorted out?
I don't know, I'm feeling pretty good about that one.


  1. Yeah I'm thinking I'd like the idea of year round school more and more...9 weeks on and 3 weeks off? I could totally do that...

  2. I'm so happy that you had the time today, Danielle! I LOVE your posts always! I wish I were there for your dinner-you are the BEST cook! Also, your ginger snaps are so perfect in size and so uniform-teach me your ways! btw, your bedspread looks dental-green, but I know it's white...strange! Love you dear!

  3. Ha I wondered how you were able to text me in the middle of the day.... Now I know! Fall break! Enjoy :)

  4. That was a very fun blog and nice to know that you had some free time to do some of the things you are aching to get to. You have the best life with so many amazing and wonderful experiences, Danielle, and I love to read about them, too!



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