Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 Conjunction junction what's your function

I was just looking online for complex sentences practice when I stumbled upon this gem in a worksheet:

"Wherever John goes, his wife goes too since she doesn't trust him."


"Ok kids, can you spot the conjunction?"

Answer: since.


  1. OH MY!!!! I am laughing my head off!!!!! FUNNY, and yet NOT! As always you write it and put it in the most clever, hilarious way!!! I love you and miss you dear!

  2. Good one, Danielle! This really gave me a smile! And believe it or not, I think I can answer your question even though it has been YEARS AND YEARS since I have taken a school class. You always manage to entertain and even teach along the way, too! Our State Senator said today that our teachers are heroes in my meeting today and I was happy to think that we have one in our family! That means you!

  3. O.K. Smartie Pants (Mom)!! The answer was written at the bottom but we'll give you "open book" credit anyway! hahahah!



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