Saturday, September 24, 2011

7 Wanted Posters

I had to have substitutes on Thursday and Friday when I was in meetings. My roommate Nat was my sub yesterday. She read, "Miss Nelson is Missing" and then my kids had to guess where I've been the last two days and make a wanted poster.........
P.S. I'm really freaking out about this drawing of me.
They were all sooo so funny, but I have to share a few.
Eh em..
"She died. We had two subsutoots in a row. She probily got poisined by the evil Doctor Pork Chop. She was eating ice-cream that was poisoned. And she fell in a waterfall. And she is at the bottom of the sea."
"I think she is in tennessee wither family! or on amerecane idale. she got turned into a pig."
Ooop, and here we have the frazzled eyes again.
"She is in a meeting for her job or she is a spy in action and Mr. Anderson (our principal) is a bank rober and she's trying to catch him before he robs another bank."
And this one covers ALLLL possible options of where I might be:
"She is probably in disneyland or something. or she is in tennisee or she is probaply somewhere. she is probaply sick or she is in the school or she is somewhere at BYU or she is in a meating. She will be in the class room on tuesday. everyone in the class thinks she is in disneyland or she is at her house. or she is behind the promethean board. she is probably in the cilling or in ney york or she is california or she is in the attic or she is in the office."
"Mrs Stolworthy is on a date with a guy and ditched us. 100 dollars if you fin her. please find. she is the best teacher in the whole world. find her."



  1. Oh my gosh! SO CUTE! My roommate came in and asked what I was giggling about haha :))

  2. I envy your job so much. Your kids love you!

  3. I love how they don't seem to mind if you come back Dead or Alive...

    You are wanted back... hopefully alive, but if you arent it is okay?

  4. hahahaha dead or alive? worth $50 up to 99,0000000000 bahaha love it!

  5. Just completely entertaining!!! Such a laugh! Love you and never want you to be missing! We love you too much!



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