Friday, September 16, 2011

2 Pictures of a Teacher

I'm pretty sure I've had a billion pictures drawn of me by now. It's somewhat of a reality check every time a child brings yet another portrait to me and I can only think, "Wow. WOW. I'm so sorry that's how you see me."

However, this child thinks I'm super awesome. All those compliments with arrows pointing? I don't know if I've given that many compliments in my lifetime. Here we have the smiley, BFF necklace Miss Stolworthy.
And holy shiz. I must've seriously curled my hair this day.......
The niceest, belly shirt Miss Stolworthy.
This child must think I have beautiful, thick eye lashes and that I apply my lipstick while driving my car.
Green, green, green. Brown lips.
Do I own that dress? If not, get it in my closet now. However, those shoes are looking incredibly painful.
Oh. Hey there albino brunette.
This is probably the most accurate portrayal I've ever received. Skinny jeans, my Toms, yellow Westridge shirt, keys around my neck and crazy/frazzled/overwhelmed eyes. But kill me now if my hair's actually that thin.

Oh, the little darlings.


  1. This was so fun! You have to keep those and enjoy them all over again when the years have past. Very fun posting as usual! I know I will always have something that will either make me smile or amaze me when I get on your blog, Danielle! Thanks!



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