Saturday, August 20, 2011

6 Ode to the Mansion

It was really hard to come to the decision to leave the mansion. After Nat, Les and I discussed it though, we knew we needed to not be complacent and stay in the same home and ward just because it was easy. We absolutely love our neighbors and Highland Park is one big family. We were sad, but chose to sign for a new place.
I have driven up 700 the last few days and keep thinking, "this is almost the last time I'll drive up to HP."

I have loved everything about living here. I was pretty sure I'd raise my kids here especially with the way things were heading.....
We have cried here.
We have shared intimate moments, like finding out every roommate is in a pinkish sports bra.
I have become even closer to some of my very best friends.
And very craziest friends :)

The mansion is a place where we party hard.

It's the place where we feel a need to buy matching skull shirts (?)
The mansion's a place everyone feels comfortable. Even your favorite boys who discover the hidden key and play video games while no cheetahs are home.
Yes, boys love the mansion and seem to make themselves at home here. (Eh em, Derek Green who moved into the mansion last summer for a couple weeks....)

We have celebrated plenty of birthdays here.

And have loved packing it to the brim with friends.

Here are a few Mansion Moments.






I'm a very nostalgic person. The other day I was talking with Les about mansion memories and I'm pretty sure she could care less to reminisce with me. Dangit. I should have had this convo with Nat! She would've contributed so much more.
We have laughed so hard, cried so hard, been happy, been mad here.
I've had boys who told me it was over on our living room couch (idiots).
I've told boys it was over on our living room couch (because they were being idiots).
I've cooked 8 million dinners here.
I've had my highest of highs and lowest of lows here.
I know more about myself now than I ever have.
I have cried as I have been packing up and run through notes of encouragement and love from friends. I have been confused as I've run across bins of 80's clothes to go dancing at Area 51 ("I still have this? I haven't been clubbing for 2 years.....!") I have cried as I have been scrubbing floors and walls for dumb cleaning checks.

Goodbye Highland Park! We love our HP friends!
Goodbye Cheetah Mansion!

Here's to new beginnings in the Cheetah DEN. We're excited to meet new people and taint them with our Cheetah ways.


  1. ummm this makes me want to cry. Just saying. :(

  2. I love this post so much. It made me tear up a little. The Cheetah Mansion was the best place I've ever lived...and I'm not even kidding. I think this post could seriously run like 20 pages and we wouldn't even cover the half of it. I have to say, you took me by surprise with the singing video. I wasn't sure if it was me or not at first, and then all of a sudden, the memories came flooding back.

    Will you invite me to the cheetah den?

  3. oh my gosh dan. i teared up as well. and laughed out loud (which is typical with your blog). oh the cheetah mansion. some of the all time best memories of college. so sad that its days as the mansion are officially over.

    and i second ashley's question - can i come to the den?

  4. Lovely Dani-girl. I loved this post. Change is always tough, but I am so excited for you girls to break new limits and boundaries. Love you.
    p.s. lets play soon.

  5. Wow! I felt total nostalgia for you at the Cheetah Mansion and I never even lived there or spent much time there. However, I have experienced some of it through your wonderful blog, Danielle. You have had great life experiences that many would love to have with special friends. That is because you are a friend to everyone and you get this blessing because of your own gifts! Many happy and joyful times ahead in the Cheetah Den!

  6. Haha I almost cried reading this and I didn't even live there. You gals are so precious!



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