Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 yeah, yeah let's do this.

I've been knocking on all the wood I see because I've got a really great bunch this year. And there's only 26 of them! Jigga what what?!
Oh my gosh though. I forgot how long it takes to do and explain EVERYTHING at the beginning of the year. I feel like we're moving sooooo slow. I think once we really get our transitions and routines down we'll be working a lot faster and getting a lot more done. But for now it's, "Then you're going to bring the paper here. See how I put it in the bin without talking to my neighbor or smacking my friend on the head? Now you try."

Today I taught our first math lesson. I LOVE teaching math. We do it the coolest, funnest, most awesomest way and the kids love it too. AWESOME TIME.

Okay. Sorry I've been a little MIA.

We are officially in the den. I am officially unpacked(ish).

Moving out of the mansion officially sucked.

I'm trying to get my room together but still have to head on down to Anthropologie to get my bedding. Oh em gee. I'm not even going to look at the receipt. I'm just going to put the bedding up on the counter, hand the cashier my debit card and tell her to not give me the total. I've been looking at this bedding since the day it came out and I'm overly obsessed with it. That's when you know the only place it belongs is on your bed. GET ON MY BED.

Okay Y'ALL. It's bout time I hit the hay now, ya hear?
Spread the love people.


  1. Loved hearing about your school days...so funny! But may I add that your lovely new bedding is a gift from your lovely parents? So enjoy buying it, k? Love you! xoxo

  2. yes and THANK YOU.
    but for some reason it still hurts?

  3. I know I commented on this one before but here goes again. Wish I could see your new place and your new bedding, too! Take photos please! Glad you have a good school year ahead of you and a great class, Danielle! You deserve it!!!



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