Wednesday, February 08, 2012

7 RIP Tubby

I was rummaging through my cabinets today when I stumbled across Tubby's hamsterless cage. Gone, but never forgotten.

Tubby Philip Stolworthy
March 2011- July 2011
Tubby Philip Stolworthy, beloved son and pet passed away in his hut July 10, 2011. Tubby was born on a hamster farm in March 2011 to two lovely hamster parents and purchased at PetSmart. Survived by one teacher and 32 students. Tubby's passions included running in his hamster wheel, eating baby carrots and nibbling his salt lick.
He made us laugh. He made us cry.
He had a middle part I couldn't seem to get rid of.
He lived a short life, but it was full of meaning. Tubby touched many.

RIP Tubby.
All hamsters go to heaven.


  1. Oh, sad. :P

    I actually have a potential hamster replacement. Krista bought him for her 4-H project for her last years animal science class. His name is Mr. Ray Charles. Not Ray, not Charles. It's Mr. Ray Charles...all or nothing.

    He is very social and sweet and may need to find a new home in your classroom because his nighttime jazzercise routines are wearing me out. Let me know! I will deliver him!!


  2. Tell them he was experiencing a midlife crisis... he went to go buy a harley davidson hamster wheel and a cage in cancun... no one tells tubby his better years are behind him

  3. Tell them his family moved and he had to switch schools

  4. go to the pet store and get another the same color. they'll never notice :)

  5. Tell them Tubby met a girl, got married and had to head off to work to support the new family of 50 little tubbies!

  6. haha. i like your moms idea. my sister emily text me "TUBBY died!" yeah. she follows your blog. haha.

  7. hfahahahahha oh gosh. I miss tubster. Oh tubby, lubby. He was a good hamster



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