Sunday, July 24, 2011

0 New York

I am SO not from here.
Spencer on the other hand can hail a taxi like nobody's business and really gets the New York culture.
Noting how completely apparent it was that I am not from here, he tried to give me some advice.
"Stop smiling, Danielle, don't say 'thank you' and walk faster."
So I did that.

Soon after, we are checking out at the register when the cashier said, "So where are you from ma'am?"
Ugh! I must've smiled.

I then watched as a vendor tried to shove a flier into his hand and began talking to him.
Spencer ignored and walked on.
I thought I'd try, but as a vendor tried to get my attention, I felt bad trying to avoid him and grabbed the flier he handed me.
Spencer promptly told me that I looked in his eyes aka I automatically gave him permission to assault me.

Yet another thing to add to my New York behavior to-do and not-to-do list.

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