Friday, July 15, 2011

3 DIY Chevron Shower Curtain

Chevron and ikat are my very most favorite prints right now. I need to be careful to not go overboard with either because we all know too much of one print in a house is a very frightening thing. I decided though to try making a chevron shower curtain. I believe it was a success. Here's how you do it:
I use acrylic paint for everything. It's super important that you buy a textile medium to mix into your paint though or else as soon as you throw it in the wash, your project could be done for. And even though the ladies at Hobby Lobby, Michaels AND JoAnn's are going to look at you like you're crazy when you ask where it is, this product does exist.
Before you even begin painting, wash and dry your curtain just in case there's any shrinking.

First I taped vertical lines down my shower curtain. Since my curtain was 70 inches wide, each segment needed to be 14 inches. I measured each part off and then started on my slanted, chevron lines. The height of each chevron stripe was 10.5 inches. This is where your project starts to get a little tedious and you want to give up....

To start painting, you'll mix in 2 parts paint for every 1 part textile medium. Then go at it!

I washed and dried my curtain one more time before I hung it up.
And we're done!
Disclaimer: In these pictures it looks like a terrible neon orange. In real life it's a lot more muted and is kind of a peachy color. Just had to clarify.


  1. this is so creative and useful! it's way cheaper than buying one exactly like this in the store.

  2. Way cute...please come decorate my house. KTHANKSBYE



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