Friday, June 17, 2011

3 artsy fartsy day

Lately I've been doing what I call, "Schooling & Pooling."
Let me explain.
In the morning I go to my school and work, work, work.
And in the afternoon I go to the pool.

It seems to be all working out nicely with my (lack of) schedule.

This morning before my schooling segment of the day, I had to run to Hobby Lobby. The worst slash the best place in the world. I decided I wanted to paint. So I bought canvases and black and white acrylic paint. I felt a little like the moose in "If you give a Moose a Muffin". That dude was always so random with what he wanted to do.

Then I went home and did not follow schedule and continue on with the pooling portion of my day. Instead, I painted this guy, who I named Josh. Josh is actually much larger than he appears. And he has a lumpy head..........

And I painted these words of wisdom which actually happen to be half Chinese Proverb and half Danielle/Michelle proverb.

Except I kept messing up my letters, so I called my mom who's queen of all things crafty and she told me to use a small, stiff sponge. The only thing I could find in my bathroom was a sponge roll curler and you can bet that's what I used. Starving artist?

I will repost them when I finish the touch ups.
Tomorrow however, I will be back on my schooling and pooling schedule.


  1. Tell me when you go to seven peaks. I want to come.

  2. That sounds like a great schedule! P.S. did you get a job at Westridge????

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