Friday, May 27, 2011

2 that's a wrap!

Today was weird. School's been out for 3 hours and I'm already bored.
I made these goody bags for them with pictures from the school year, water balloons and candy. My mom designed and made the cute pins.
Presented them with their awards, handed out report cards, went outside and signed yearbooks, then the day was over.
The best 4th grade team you'll ever meet. We love each other.
Came home to this:

Well guys, I'm pretty free. Just give me a ring-a-ling so we can lay out or something................


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  2. Such cute photos! I really enjoyed it. Now you don't know what you will do with yourself I guess, truly! You have been so super busy! Guess before you know it you will be planning your classroom theme for your 3rd grade class but rest up before you start tackling all of that, I hope! I really loved the pretty blouse you were wearing, Danielle. You look so pretty in these photos! Sorry I missed talking to you today. Hopefully, we will talk soon. Love you!



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