Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 epic fail.

Nat and I were on our nightly bike ride when suddenly I get a text. Now, normally I could've held off until the end of the bike ride to read my message, but I'm not sure what it is about having a new phone that makes you suddenly rediscover the excitement of your phone going off.
"I can ride my bike and reach into the basket to grab my phone," I thought to myself. "I mean, usually I do about 23 things successfully at one time."
I'm all about efficiency.
Next thing you know, I'm flying directly into a giant orange construction barrel and sailing over the top of it. Such a dork. I'm just glad it was an abandoned construction zone so Nat was the only one pointing at me while laughing relentlessly.
Coordination has never been my thing. Except, one time my boss that I loved and worked for for over 2 years told me I was one of the most graceful human beings she had ever met. But then again, she never saw me text and ride.

Just watch out for the orange ones.
No pain, no gain.
For one who prides themselves on their uncanny ability to multi-task at all times, I'm feeling quite down. And I only have this gash across my leg to constantly remind me of how I failed terribly today. It'll be ok guys.


  1. Sorry, Danielle, you take after your grandmother on this! Coordination is a weak spot for me, too! Your Mother is an eye witness for bicycle failures, though I use to ride with no hands when I was younger. Soooo glad you didn't break anything! That would have made a bummer of a summer! I'm also glad you did not run into a tree! Take care of that scrape! Love you!

  2. hahhaha ouch. But more importantly, did the phone survive?

  3. hahahahaha i love stories like this! but am sad for your scrape :(



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