Monday, April 18, 2011

2 Disney World

I've been a Mouseketeer since the second I was born. So, to celebrate my first spring break in 4 years, it was a given to head to my very very very favorite place in the whole world with my mama. The weather was perfect the whole time. Florida at 85 degrees with about 10% humidity?!! When does that ever happen?
Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle
Buzz Lightyear. That stupid game always makes me lose even if I am on my a-game.
Ah, the teacups.

Main Street Electrical Parade
Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. I think I teared up a little.
DAY 2: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Watched a stunt show. So many things blowing up and I loved it.
The characters were being such divas! I only saw about 5, but Goofy's never too good for me. Love that dude.
I LOVED this as a kid even though Fantasia totally weirded me out.

And that's a wrap!

Best week ever?

So hard coming back to school today, not even going to lie. My roommates already have trips to Puerto Rico AND Mexico planned that will take place before my summer even starts... Yeah. But, my kids are the cutest/best in the world so it wasn't so bad when I saw their happy yet veryyyy sleepy faces this morning.
Here's to 6 more weeks.
I can do this!



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