Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 spider friends

I think Charlotte has come to Room 20 along with all 800 of her siblings. We have made many brave and noble spider rescues this week. The first one was quite scary. We're in the middle of having an absolutely delightful discussion on probability without replacement when every girl at Table 7 started to make that squirmy, terrified face. We carefully placed our spider friend outside. Since then, we have discovered many more spiders just a'spinning in our classroom. One by one, they're let out back. I feel bad because it's a little cold outside, but if they would try a little harder and spin words into their webs, I'd let them stay. Maybe I should send them out the door with a spelling list.


  1. Super CUTE post! As always! I love that you're so humane too...hahaha!

  2. Just so darling, Danielle! I really truly loved this one with the illustration. As for me, there is nothing humane about the way I treat spiders. If I see one, it is "hasta la vista, you're dead, baby!" One less spider in the world is to me the humane way to approach it as I am thinking of other humankind, like myself, who abhor those scarey critters. It is one way to cut down that population, one at a time anyway.

  3. I'm with you, Nancy! As we say in Texas, "the only good spider is a dead spider."



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