Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 quit playing games with my heart.

Jimmer, you're such a typical boy right now.
I was so pumped heading out for the game....
You led me on this whole season.
Made my heart flutter.
I rode home afterwards completely bummed.
And my chickadees dislike you especially right now because there's no homework whenever BYU wins.

However, I must admit, I am a total BYU fair weather fan. And really the only time I'm freaking out about any other team is because whatever boyfriend I have at the time has smothered me completely with the love of his team which eventually proves to be more prevalent than his love for me, but that's another story for another time.
So, while I am singleish, BYU was the obvious route this March Madness, and Jimmer just broke my heart a little.

We always have next year. Oh wait, no we don't.


  1. Bahaha. No homework when BYU wins. I love it. You need to start writing a book. People will buy it, I promise! Maybe Oprah will put it on her book list, to repay you for not letting you try out for your own talk show.

  2. hahahah i love you. & i love that you have no homework when byu wins. that's awesome. & don't worry, one boy will eventually love you more than his ever so obvious devotion to his sports' teams.

  3. Haha, I would love it if my teachers adopted your philosophy of no homework when BYU wins.
    But Jimmer tried his hardest! You can't blame him...



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