Monday, March 28, 2011

2 picture day & other things

I don't know why, but watching my kids get their school pictures taken was hilarious. The fake smiles, the parted hair and button-up shirts. Ahh, just made me giggle.

Here's us with our pixelated faces.

But the most awkward part of it all is that the Corey Adams Photography company gave me the Gold Package of school photos.... Yes, I have about 40 wallets of myself. And what do I do with that 8x10 that's been staring at me since September? Hang it up the Cheetah Mansion staircase? Let me know if you want a wallet of me. I have 39 left (I sent one to my mom).

Moving on. These are the good things I've done this week (I'm about to bullet a list so watch out):


  • Tried with everything in me not to yell at the rugrats today which didn't actually happen (btw, I normally never yell but they were quite nightmarish today).

  • Gave my kids hugs on the way out the door even though my blood pressure was one million.

  • Daydreamed in whatever 5 second intervals I had about spring break in less than 2 weeks.

  • Opened my brother-in-law's birthday gifts that were shipped to my apartment because I thought my parents were just being nice and sending me random pricey presents. Nope, they just wanted me to wrap them up and give them to him.

  • Signed my brother-in-law's birthday card all about how lucky he is that he's related to me for time and all eternity.

  • Holi Festival of Colors. Again. I'm a total veteran but I don't even care that it's the trendiest thing in Provo.

  • Designed invitations for events that are not/will never happen and decided especially after today that there's a likely chance I chose the wrong profession.

  • Called some friends that I thought might be dead because they don't talk to me anymore.

  • Downloaded about 80 million songs.

  • Did a spa night with Nancy pants.... No, this was classic. She turned into a diva once she got on the Mint Julep Masque and demanded cucumbers over her eyes but we didn't have any so Nat tore up a tortilla and used that instead. Bahaha. And don't worry, I youtubed ocean wave music and painted her nails. I would not be surprised if celebs started to want in on this.

I'm pretty sure that's a wrap. I don't know, I'm currently a little fried. Bedtime is sounding splendid. Toodles.


  1. I LOVED this post! Made me chuckle inside so much! I remember your stories around picture day-bahahahah!! I think I just repeated one of them to dad recently! Also, loved that you have 39 wallets and that I was the lucky recipient of ONE of them! You're cute and hilarious! Love you!!

  2. hahahahh i just DIED laughing! omg. Seriously. I laughed all over again about the Nancy Spa-time! hahahahah



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