Wednesday, December 15, 2010

7 Skiing Field Trip

So many cute faces ready to go! (Notice the child mid-hit. Yes, I do believe in hands to yourself.)
Strapping on 62 boots single handedly was intense. Single mom status.
But we got our gear on and headed out.
Utah's been wimpy this winter but last night it snowed! Perfect day to go.

A few of my kids were considered "advanced" and got to go on the lift...
Everyone else just stayed on the bunny hill :)
They loved it & came back completely wiped out. So did I.


  1. HOW FUN!
    is this what kids get to do in utah? ha
    here in CA, soccer has been banned during break as it is "too dangerous" unless dads volunteer to come ref.
    haha. skiing would be out of the question.
    i guess CA is just lawsuit happy?
    who knows, but i'm JEALOUS!

  2. I LOVE the last looks like soe cute kids are super-imposed into a winter card. I love the "splits" they're doing too!

  3. What an exciting time for all of you!!! One day you will look back on this and say "How did I DO all of this!" So thrilled for all of your many successes, Danielle, and this looks like a huge one!

  4. so awesome! did you get to strap on any skis??

  5. Those are some lucky kids! You have an awesome heart for them.



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