Wednesday, December 08, 2010

6 AH!

I get about 10 notes everyday.
If your love language is words of affirmation, elementary teaching is the way to go.
Normally I get pictures of rainbows, unicorns, and the increasingly popular snowman. Pictures like these:

Last week I got this:
I think I screamed a little when I saw it.


I feel like we should make this into our Family Crest or something. It's way too intense to just forget about. Plus, I feel like if I forgot about it, it'd come back & haunt/kill me with those ninja poles popping out behind it's head.

Seriously though, this kills me. Definitely wins favorite award.


  1. Bwhahaa!!! I laughed out loud at this! I may have chortled a bit, actually. :) This is perfect! Just last night someone informed me that my last name is a perfect pirate name!! Maybe that guy and your student should team up and make our family's pirate crest. :) Or sword... Which would you prefer?

  2. It is really your back, STOLWORTHY! I loved this! Hilarious!!!!

  3. haha that picture totally kills me. sometimes i get really jealous of how fun your job looks!

  4. Good thing I stopped reading your blog because of certain circumstances we cant be friends but tell that little brat that canes are not intimidating and if he wants to scare his teacher into giving him an A he should have drawn actual ninja friends that have the ability to throw their stars with 100% accuracy. I would've drawn JD Darnes with a small note saying how he is my friend that will do anything for me including KILL. If you're thinking Brad needs to attend my next grammar lesson because he just wrote one paragraph as 1 sentence then all I have to say that is NO I dont. Firefighters, police men, dog catchers, professional dancers, doctors, construction workers, and rock stars dont need grammar lessons and it would take away all my credibilty on career week to those little brats.

  5. Pretty sure I will NEVER get one of these in my career... lol. Is it too late to switch? Sounds like your kids love you, I'm sure you're doing such an awesome job!



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