Sunday, December 19, 2010

1 happy sunday

I'm feeling so grateful today. How did I get so lucky? The other night I was hanging out with my guy friends and I got off a phone call crying. My friend just hugged me and said, "Dani, why are you crying? You live in America." It's true. That's so simple and it's about time I count my blessings. I've been bratty lately and I apologize. I feel extremely blessed to be where I am in my life. I've been surrounded by people that absolutely adore me and I, them. I have the most rewarding job. I've been given some of the most random talents, but I've learned how to work them. Somehow I've been handed the greatest friends and most supportive family. The people in my life forgive me for my shortcomings. Mostly though, I'm thankful to know what I know. I have the gospel in my life and I've always been fortunate enough to just know it's true. We have a Savior that loves us infinitely. He knows our sadness and our wants. He has a plan for us. His hand is in everything we do and He will not let us fail. We are blessed more than we'll ever know.

So here's a vid. Although it's an Easter message, i feel like it's very appropriate during the Christmas Season as well.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. This one is lovely for you to share! I appreciate all the good that you are, Danielle!



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