Monday, December 13, 2010

2 Christmas Happenings

the Snowball
Cheetah gift exchange
First Presidency Christmas Devotional. Loved it.
Gingerbread House Parrrty
Nancy gift swap
making Christmas cards
Sub for Santa. I'm almost done shopping for this and it's been so much fun. 1) I love shopping for baby clothes. 2) I'm also sponsoring a 10 year old girl which is the age of all the girls in my class. So easy to know what 10 year old girls love.

Cheetahs love singing.

I love Christmas with all my heart. It's absolutely crucial to knock these sort of things off my list. Hope you're all taking time to slow down & enjoy the Season!


  1. dani you are beautiful. serious. and I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! (two, very true things)

  2. I LOVED all of this, Danielle! You have totally entertained me today and the song really put a smile on my face. Glad you are having some fun and enjoying yourself! I'm so looking forward to seeing you for the holidays. It will be so GREAT to have you home again!



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