Thursday, October 28, 2010


Scratch the doodle bear costume. Even though we thought it would be totally awesome to whip out the hottest toy from 1997, none of us are XL's. And that's all they had left in the sweats department. So, unfortunately last night our idea went crumbling before us.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the roommates try to brainstorm:
"We could be household furniture."
"We could be fruit."
"We could be bugs."
"We could be mormon moms..."

Dani: "Yeah, but we are all struggling in the boy department. We should at least try to be something cute."
Rebbs: "True. I'm too old and too single to not be anything cute."

30 second pause

Rebbie: "Oh! Let's be frumpy Lord of the Ring characters and wear tons of crushed velvet!"

Clearly we're getting somewhere.


  1. I like the Doodle Bears...I get it now...slow! Bring lotsa markers and keep them for posterity! CUTE idea I think! Too bad you don't have a seamstress around to sew you some blue teddy bear ears to wear on your



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