Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 happy sunday

I've been thinking about the boyzzz in my life. They are so great because they love me and I love them.
{This is my favorite Stol Boyz pic because of Spencie's face. In his own words he looks like a "grade A creeper," & I cannot say I disagree.}
They always want me to be happy.
They write me nice notes.
They always are checking up on me.
They always make me laugh.
They are patient with me.
They tell me they love me.
They always give me hugs.
They always take care of me.
And they're good at doing cartwheels. Eh em.
*virtual hug*
Thanks Daddy, Spence & Chase for being so good to me. I love you.


  1. Cute, Danielle! That top picture cracks me up! Especially Chase and his "littleness"! He's SO much taller this year! Wow!

  2. I love those boys too! & am largely neglected on thy blog this week. I'm pretty sure every family member has received a shout out...even if it has to be moaning about me stealing your laundry, name dropping me would be greatly appreciated... eh hem, I'll be waiting



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