Tuesday, September 28, 2010

7 wrong side of the bed

Ahh, yesterday.
If something could've gone wrong, it did.
Sorry for being such a weeny. I hate whiners, but it was just one of those days. Around 2:08 it hit me to stop thinking about myself & to start thinking about someone else and to do something that I love to do. So I decided to make cookies for people I love.


But by the time I got to Smith's I was almost in tears.
I hadn't eaten all day & was running on no sleep.
When I walked in & saw food, I got nauseous.
Then I felt the tears coming.
I turned around and ran my cart back over to it's spot before the real breakdown began.
As I walked back out to the parking lot, tears were running down my face.
As soon as I shut the car door, I lost it.


How embarrassing. Can't even pull it together to make some freakin' cookies.
So as I got home and hopped into my bed to continue my minor break down, I decided that tomorrow I would start the day fresh & I would make some extra good cookies as soon as I got home. Filled with extra love.
And that's just what I did. I made stuff for my neighbors because I have awesome neighbors & I love my friends & I don't deserve the good people in my life.
So there.
Much, much better.
Plus, today was just great. It doesn't hurt to have 30 smiley faces of little people who love you no matter what. (Even though yesterday they kept asking me if I was sick. Told you I was a little sluggish...)
And you know what?
We're movin' & shakin' in the Stolworthy classroom! I can finally publicly admit that first month was rocky but now we've got it. You should join us. We just have a ball & we learn a ton ton ton. I tell my class everyday that we're the best one (but it's just cuz we r).

Get the recipe here on my cooking bloggy blog.
Have a really good day!


  1. i love reading your blog, you're hilarious and i love listening to your playlists. sorry you had a bad day...

    i do have some good news for you though! the new bachelor was announced! it's a guy that was already the bachelor back in 2007. you might have already heard, but if not you can google it and read more. i think the season starts after dancing with the stars is over. i looked into it after i saw your blog comment because i'd been wondering the same thing.

  2. I THOUGHT I recognized these cookies...thanks for making me feel like a celebrity! "Danielle ACTUALLY used one of my recipes and photographed it too!" And shared it on her blog...That's a BIG deal cause you don't mess with less than best! Love you!!!!

  3. mmm i love those bars/cookies! you were a rockstar and made them at my bday last year :) muchos gracias.

    sorry for the bad day! monday night i had a one-on-one with my interpreting teacher and i had the same problem. i broke down crying. i couldnt stop for the remaining 15 minutes of class. then cried on the 45 minute ride back to my apt. ahhh! so, i feel ya. but i love you. and you are amazing. and im sorry i couldnt be there to give you scratches!

    i believe i'm currently "it" in our phone tag. i'll change that soon...

  4. Ok, you are pretty much AMAZING! I bet you make a fabulous teacher and YOUR neighbors are the lucky ones. Just a shout out to say hello and that you're my hero.

  5. Danielle, sorry for your bad day truly. You aren't alone, everyone seems to get them once in a while. Sometimes there is a reason you can pin it on and sometimes not. When you have one of those days it sure helps you appreciate the upbeat days. Glad you know what to do to combat it. Service is just about the best cure around! Love you lots!

  6. i love the picture for your header and the title of your blog!



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