Thursday, September 23, 2010

1 life updates

Typing up sub notes is like typing up notes for the babysitter on steroids.
I decided I was going to go through each day of the week and type up notes for a substitute to have on file in my classroom JUST IN CASE.
So far i'm on Monday. Morning.
And it's 4 pages long.

Oh, and another thing. This real life "job" thing has totally disrupted my awesome previous lifestyle of midnight dance parties with my roommates. It's just annoyinnnnnng.

Last item of business: I have two new roomates who are just grand. I need to give dem a lil holla holla sup. So, here's to RebSTAR & Tawnster.
Good news is, they both love dance parties too. Bad news is, someone keeps drinking Rebbie's milk and we can't figure out who it is. Good news is, I have to turn on a fan in my room to block out the noise of my roommates partying it up after my 7:30pm bedtime. Bad news is, now Rebbie and I can't sleep without our baby noise maker on. Good news is, we layed around on our lovesacs tonight and sang Mulan. Double good news is... it's the first day of fall! I LOVE fall! Time to knit sweaters and bake spice cake and cuddle with your favorite boy... OH WAIT. Rats. I knew I hated fall.

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  1. You and rachel don't post enough blog things anymore... its really a shame... i open up tabs in my internet browser like so: email, facebook, foxnews, cnn, rachel's and danielle's blog... its so upsetting when theres not a new post...



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