Monday, June 28, 2010

4 boys exist

Just so you know, my life is interesting.
Maybe you've noticed I don't talk about boys here or maybe you just think I have no real personal life. Well, I do. And it's got a lot of juicy details. I don't put personal stuff on here because quite frankly, it's no one's business.
Yes, I do go on dates.
Yes, boys are present in Dani's life.
And no, you won't be hearing about them here.
Bottom line: I hope that none of you read my blog & think i'm some half-dead grandma. I'm kicking fo sho. Breaking hearts.
Just had to get that off my chest, Phew.


  1. Unlike EVERYONE else reading this post, it IS actually my business...hahaha...I'll just call later for ALL details. k? k.

  2. i'm really glad you cleared this up, because i was beginning to wonder/worry! .... YA RIGHT! girl... you crazy! youre a total babe. we know you date!

  3. You just wait and share them with all your ElEd friends right??? I miss your juicy stories!

  4. I always love to read about your happenings, Danielle. It is appropriate to share just what you feel like sharing. Everyone is different in that way. You still give us so much to smile about every day in your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with so many that care! Count me as one of them, please!



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