Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Family: isn't it about time?

Fam's been in town.I am now officially the shortest child. And can you see why? My 13 year old brother's hand is on the left & mine's on the right. He's huge.
We even had a {little} fam reunion. This is just my dad & his siblings. He's number 13 out of 15 kids...... Yes he is. This, as you can imagine, creates a large large large amount of cousins.
My funny brother who's really funny.

Cute Ayla after my dad shoved cake in her face. (Then she shot frosting rockets out of her nose. Awesome.)
Rachy Roo & Keri
I love baby time!
Wes & Spence giving Chase some good old fashion Creek Butt Dipping.
We had lots of baby Krugh photo shoots because he's just a doll.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, our family makes all sorts of cute kids.
Yes they do.
My parents get confused and think they have grandkids sometimes.
Laughing because some of the little cousins came into the skit with their costumes that made them look like they were members of the KKK according to Spencer. It was true.
Played Mini Golf to wrap it up. The Stolworthy family takes anything of a competitive nature verrrry seriously. So when people outside of our family started asking for more chances, we let them know they could have as many "chances" as they wanted, but we'd be keeping score. Spencer said it was turning into "Welfare Golf." This is Rach & Wes creating Club Windmills to increase the difficulty level of our game.

Family Fun.


  1. Oh boy...that was a fun fun weekend! I totally cracked up over your Welfare Golf description! So so funny! I think I won that game. :)

  2. hahah that was a fun weekend! pretty sure you lost that games, somewhere down the line my hole in one & hole in twenties equaled out!



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