Tuesday, March 30, 2010

14 wild times

Today I had 27 little hands passing me sticky notes with their emails on it to keep in touch on their way in to lunch because the Practicum is now over...
& i'm a little tired.
You've got to be sharp to be a teacher. I did not know this to its full extent.
But you can now find me in my bed catching up on a gajillion hours of lost sleep.

Other basics i'll be catching up on now that I have a heap of extra hours added to my week:
Filing my nails.
Cleaning our kitchen. Holy cow. Currently I avoid it at all costs.
Ripping off all sheets, towels... and doing laundry. I love doing laundry.
Making myself a meal. The real kind.
Maybe calling my parents to let them know their daughter's still alive.
Maybe tricking my parents & telling them I eloped in Vegas. For fun.
Brushing my hair.

I better get used to that busy life though because
Yes, I will be a full blown elementary school teacher starting August 2010. Hold on to your hats folks.


  1. This post made me smile so big! Gosh you have the world by it's tail, Danielle! So very happy for you, too! I had no doubts that this would come as you are just awesome! I hate to use such a common word for an uncommon person but you are AWESOME, Danielle!

  2. Congrats!!! You are one brave person. After student teaching I wasn't sure I had enough energy to ever be a teacher either. Wow, a real full-time, salary paying job. How old are you these days?

  3. Congratulations Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations, Danielle! You'll be a great teacher.

  5. congrats dani!! that is seriously amazing. you really will be the best teacher ever!

  6. Congratulations! You'll do such a good job as a teacher! Where will you be teaching in August?

  7. YAYYYYY!!! How did I find this post so late??? I have no idea...but it's so cute of you and has to be so true! Kids keep you busy, but you are no stranger to that!! You will be an amazing teacher for sure! Itis just so exciting...you are officially 'all grown up!' haha!!

  8. Hey congrats Danielle!! Thats so awesome!

  9. congrats Dani! that is awesome! you will be a great teacher :)

  10. my coworker was laughing at me at how much i was freaking out reading this post! (he also saw me call and text you) CONGRATS you rock

  11. I was reading your thing again here and I think you should change it to read "You have to be sharp to be a GOOD teacher!" We all know about the other kind.

  12. Danielle! You're amaaaaaaaazing! So proud of you girlie!



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