Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey Guys!! Nat Camp here taking over Dani's Blog

So my post might not be as pretty as her's BUT I figured everyone looks at her blog all the time and she always does these great birthday posts that I figured I need to make a birthday post for her! I stole her computer and away I went! So lets get this party started and start the countdown of the Top Ten reasons why Dani is freakin the BEST!
10. First off, she is by far the best blogger I know of. Can any one else see the difference between this post and the rest?? (this took me almost 3 hours to pathetic!!) Enough said.
9. Dani always has the best stories ever to tell...(mouse with red sneakers, kids arm being cut off through a c-section, and the latest, a kid trying to spell happiness). There are so many! Whether or not the stories are eggagerated is a different story....hahaha
8. She thinks she is sometimes selfish but I know for a fact she is not. For example, I got into this club called Best Buddies over a year ago and Dani loved Nancy so much that she started to hang out with us around this time last year. Well I couldn't think of a better person to be involved with Nancy and I because Nancy adores Dani!! Even though her choice of men for Dani is a bit off, Nancy does love her! She is one of the most giving people out there.
7. Dani is so organized, and I am pretty sure I know where she gets it from (ehhemm, mother). I remember one time I went down into her room and she had these binders set with all of her teaching material organized into different subjects and everything and I got really jealous because I need to do that! Its also been so much fun seeing Dani get her lesson plans ready for teaching. She is seriously going to be such a great teacher. She really works hard at it!
6. Pretty sure Dani is the one girl that if you asked any one around you who they thought their best friend was, they would say Dani. She is just such an easy person to become friends with and really truly cares about everyone of her friends.

5. Dani doesn't watch that much T.V. but when she does, we will have good discussions and debates on the topics. Dani LOVES 48 hours, Tough Love, The Bachelor, and 16 and Pregnant. I am sure you have seen blog posts on at least 3 out of the 4 shows. I am right there with her though on the shows. Pathetic as it sounds, we have stayed in before to watch 48 Hours episodes. With The Bachelor, during commercial breaks, there were always debates on who we like and why. 16 and Pregnant was mostly what moments made us cry, and Tough Love taught us many life lessons. Isn't that right Ms. Settle? NOT ANY MORE!!
4. Dani is always up for giving me or anyone one for that matter relationship advice. I have been given a paper and a pen and had to write down my top 5 qualities I want in a man before, I have had chapters in books read to me before, and I have had to take a couple quizes too. haha. Always there to help with my texts as well! She should get paid.
3. Did I mention she was from Tennessee? With the rest of her roomates and most of her friends all from Arizona, it makes her special. And she lived in Peru working at an orphanage for a few months. Yeaa....She's great.

2. Whenever there is roomate dance party going on, you better believe that Dani started it! She by far has the sexiest moves around. hahahahaha. I love going any where with her in my car cuz we can always just blast the music and rock out, or when we are just at home and wanna have a dance party. Multiple video accounts can prove this.

1. Dani is one of the funniest people I know. Have you read her blog?? Seriously. I am always laughing when I am around her. I was just telling our friend tonight that I was nervous to right this blog on her page because she is always so clever and funny! Whenever I am in a bad mood, I can always count on her to be posititve and to help me find humor in my situations. This calls for one of my favorite Dani Videos.
Dani! On behalf of our roomates and everyone that knows you, we love you soooooo very much! Thank you for being such a great example to me. You are an amazing, beautiful girl inside and out and I am so thankful to have you as a friend and roomate. Hope you have the best birthday ever!! You really do deserve it!!!


  1. Natalie...what a GREAT, DEAR friend you are! This was such a treat to read and I agree 150%!! Thanks for taking the time!

  2. A beautiful and funny tribute for a beautiful and funny woman...well done, Natalie!

  3. Cheetah RAWR! Happy Birthday Dani! (Natalie, well done).

  4. Way to go Nat! Great post & true true true too! Happy birthday Deej!

  5. amen to all of this! awesome post nat!!! (and very good idea to post it on Dan's blog since she gets more traffic than anyone i know....)HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!

  6. happy birthday dani girl! you are amaaaaaaZING!

  7. what a great post. I agree. Thats why I named my kid after Danielle. In hopes she would turn out like her. :-)

  8. Such wonderful comments, loved the last one best of all. You can have no greater compliment than to have a child named after you. Natalie, you did a super job with your tribute to my granddaughter, Danielle. She is all that and more! Loved reading all of this and the pictures were great, too!



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