Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthdays are good when you're me.
Ok, first of all, I must thank all the bloggers for your shout outs. Nat, Ash Ecks, Al, Sar, sissy Rach & cousin Nancy. You guys made me laugh-cry with your posts & were all far too nice.
Next I must thank my wonderful parents for their rockin gifts & love.
And to the rest of my Cheetahs, good times were had at my party. Thanks for coming out.
(Now who would like to say the closing prayer?)
Sorry, that was all just a little too formal, but I gotta recognize my gurlz.

Ok, this is like the rudest thing ever, but 3 Cheetahs hooked me up with sweets for my birthday! Sar got the strawberry buddy on the left, ash & jd busted in my room at midnight with that little ice cream guy in the middle & alli wags hooked me up cheetah cupcake on the right. So rude huh? They're trying to fatten me up for slaughter season.
Now remember how in elementary school birthdays rocked because everyone treated you like royalty & let you be the line leader & gave you part of their snack pack & you were the first picked for basketball teams at recess & your mom brought in cupcakes for the whole class so they liked you even more?!
I relived the dream this year. Spending my birthday in an elementary school miiiight be the best decision I could've made. Except this time my mom didn't bring cupcakes, I brought my own (eh em, thanks Les). I felt a little bit like Matilda, but that's what you do when you fend for yourself. Finally we hit up Guru's. See, sometimes I'm lame & tell my friends I can't have parties on school nights because I have to teach at school the next morning. Sometimes my friends convince me to go out anyways even if it's just for dinner because you only turn 22 once.
This is my darling Smellers. We have turned 19, 20, 21 & now 22 together. Tear.
This is Leslie. I do not have an entire group shot. Tear.
Nancy came! And thank goodness because...
... we all know she can get the party started! Das right. But thanks again to everyone for your nice comments, phone calls, texts & cards. You have all finally proven to me that you care.

j/k, a little.

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  1. Ahhh...I loved reading this Danielle! I am so glad you were so loved out there, so far away from home!!! Love you THE MOST!



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