Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Cheetah Mansion silverware drawer lie two pumpkin carving knives. Used only in October to carve pumpkins, right?
For whatever reason, everytime I unload the dishwasher, these knives are in the rack. This confuses me. We have regular, nice knives. All kinds and all shapes and sizes. What crazy Cheetah is using our pumpkin carving knives on a daily basis?

I'll admit, I used one once. Let me explain:
About a week ago, Sarri Doo made some Apple Cobbler crap. As she was dipping up bowls for everyone, Leslie said atleast 40 dozen times she just wants to "try it." Just a little. Just a tester. We kept telling her ok, but she didn't understand. She kept repeating her request. So I got out the pumpkin carving knife and put a tiny sliver of apple cobbler crust, a tiny sliver of apple and a little teeny tiny bit of ice cream on the end to serve to her. However, she did not appreciate my interpretation of her request.

Back to the pumpkin carving knife mystery: Roommates, I know you're reading this. If you're the girl using these, come to me. We'll have a little chit chat. I'll show you how to you big girl knives. Love you.
5 minutes later:
Oh, but wait, the story just got better!
I wrote this immediately after I finished unloading the dishwasher because of course, I unloaded the green, pumpkin carving knives which inspired it. Right after finishing my blog, I go upstairs to make dinner. First, I open the silverware drawer to only find ONE of the knives there. Yes, during the process of me writing the blog, the culprit had already used the knife and loaded it into the dishwasher. This situation is worse than I thought.


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i miss the cheetah mansion

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i miss the cheetah mansion

  3. im dying to find out what theyve been using them for

  4. At least they put it in the dishwasher when they were done!

  5. FiNALLY! I've been waiting.

    & at least I can't be blamed for this one.

  6. Maybe you have a pumpkin knife murderer in your house? lol

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ok. i really need to know. cant wait any longer.

  9. unsolved mystery:
    everyone's pointing fingers...
    i hate to do it but it looks like the hidden cameras must go up.

  10. HAHAHA PLEASE put up the hidden cameras!

  11. oh please... we all know who it is. it only makes us love her more.



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