Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6 mah bad.

(Please save some time by not looking this word up. It does not exist.)

Conversation on Natalie's 22 birthday:
Dan: Nat are you so excited to be a homophogram or what?!
Nat: Don't know what that is.
Dan: Oh you know, a homophogram? Something you can spell forwards and backwards and it's still the same. Like Hannah, or Mom or 1221. A Homophogram.
Everyone in room/at party: Oh wow Danielle, you must be so smart. We didn't even know that phonetic phenomenon even carried a name. You're a genius.

Fast forward a week to Leslie's bed.
Leslie is in her bed alone when it hits her that the real word is Palindrome.

Fast forward to that evening. Roommates & boyfriends are gathered round when Leslie decides to call me out on my mistake...
Les: DANI! I know what you were talking about! It's not called a homophogram, it's a palindrome!
Dan: Oh... umm... yeah. (tries to slip out of room)
Meanwhile, everyone whips out their iPhone to look up what a homophogram might actually be, but wait... that word doesn't even exist.
Of course everyone's freaking out at me & I never even had a chance to book it out of the room.

But please, let me explain. I knew it wasn't called a homophogram to begin with, but I knew that it existed, I just couldn't remember the real name for it. I also knew no one would consider my comment valid if I didn't even have a name for it, so I made one up. Homophogrom sounded pretty legit. I never thought they'd find out.
Wow, I'm breaking into a cold sweat.


  1. hahahaha!!! Reminds me of my "ampitheatre" faux pau!!! Now you know how I feel!!! That's soo funny Danielle!

  2. hhahah wait i need more of you in my life!

  3. hahahhaha So funny. & mom, your little "faux pau" was the source of my social suicide. Bottom line: ladies, let's only speak when we KNOW what we're talking about. I should probably take my own advice..

  4. yeah & there is a big difference. I knew i was lying. mom made something up in her head & assumed it was right & told all of franklin, or told us to tell all of franklin aka social suicide for both daughters. don't kill the messenger.

  5. wow you have more guts than me, ida been to chicken to make up a word and just been quiet

  6. ahaaha dani if I remember correctly (and I do) its pronounced "HY-MOPH-O-GRAM" not "HOMO-PHO-GROM"... that word sounds like its definition would be something in relation to homosexuals... :) Sorry to humilitate you AGAIN.



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