Sunday, January 03, 2010

1 Dear Abby:

I've always been good with handling money, but I've always had a job. Now that my school schedule is not allowing me to have a job, I'm forced at being good with my money because I'm actually poor. Yesterday I saw a dress. Picture cutest dress ever, ok? I didn't even try it on because that's a dangerous sort of thing to do when you're practicing self control. The problem is, I looked soooo cute when I tried this dress on in my imagination. My imagination even convinced me that if I didn't have this dress, I wouldn't get asked out on as many dates. If I didn't get asked out on as many dates then I wouldn't be fulfilling my mother's final wish which she decided to shout out as I went through security at the airport today, "Get married!!" Blahdy Blah, If you give a moose a muffin.... ANYWAYS, then my dad's imaginary voice interrupted my dreams telling me I need to bridle my passions which is such a disgusting phrase to begin with. This self control thing will be harder than I thought. It's possible for me to not eat for a week, I can go without kissing a boy for a certain disclosed period of time, but how in the world am I supposed to pass up my darling dress & sacrifice my future?
Please help. Gulp.

Depleted & Detached

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  1. You are a funny one, Danielle! No doubt about it! Good luck with all that self-control stuff...I'm working on finding mine again too..we can do it together-holding hands!



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